Australian reptile park celebrates int'l Zookeeper Day

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"We're a family here, who share a passion for Australian wildlife, I'm so proud of the hard work they do every day."

"Between playing an integral role saving endangered species through breeding programs and educating our guests about wildlife and feeding and cleaning up after all of our animals, they do an amazing job."

"It's not an easy job," he said in a statement.

Established in 2015, the day was declared by the International Congress of Zookeepers to recognize the efforts made by professionals and volunteers who devote their lives to animal conservation.

While zookeepers are mostly seen with cute and cuddly creatures, the reality of their work isn't always what most people would expect, according to the Australian Reptile Park's general manager Tim Faulkner.

SYDNEY, Oct. 4 (Xinhua) -- The Australian Reptile Park is celebrating International Zookeeper Day on Thursday, acknowledging the hard work of its staff who spend their time caring for animals.

"Many people think it's just playing with animals all day, but there's so much involved."